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Who We Are

We've been around since 1974, and have over 50 years worth of experience in the spray painting industry. We're confident that you will be satisfied with our continuing service and support for you.


To us, every job is a work of art. We know you love your car and it's an important part of your life! Being car owners ourselves, we love it when people compliment our ride.


So every car that enters our workshop is an opportunity for the car to display its true potential. Whether it may be the arduous process of panel beating, applying putty, spraying on a uniform coat of paint, or a polish and wax, each part of the process is as important as the whole.                                  


Our masterpieces are yours to display and own.


Yes, it's all yours.

Ngai Hong Spray Painting car repair workshop

What We Aspire

We dedicate ourselves to giving you a top notch experience by providing professional service and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Our History

Ngai Hong Spray Painting has seen 2 generations in this business. Starting out as Ngai Hong Spray Painting Knocking & Panel Beating in 1974, we have gradually built our customer base based on trust and quality workmanship. It was in 2005 that our company changed to its current name.


Over the years, we have also acquired many products which enhance our job quality and service. We firmly believe in constantly upgrading our products which is vital in providing the best for you.


Quality assurance is our key throughout the successful 50 years in Singapore's automotive industry. We pride ourselves to assist you in any way to the best of our knowledge as long as cars are involved.


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