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Polish & Groom

Car waxing and polishing

With your busy schedule at hand, your dearest car has probably not received much of your attention. Car owners tend to give their car a simple wash up and call it a day. However, waxing, polishing and applying protective coating over car paint is essential in bringing out the best shine and protection of your car.


Here at Ngai Hong Spray Painting, we offer a reliable and affordable price to restore your car to perfection. Simply proceed to Contact Us and drop us a Quotation request with your vehicle details and areas to polish. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Remember, you are advised not to use car shampoo immediately after applying of wax or protective coating (recommended at least 1 day) to prevent unintended removal of the application.




Ceramic Coating Wax

  • Brings out high-gloss shine

  • Water Resistant & Paint Protection Layer

  • Last up to 6 months*

nice ferrari in a car workshop doing exterior coating close up to the car door.jpg


Nano Ceramic Coating

  • 9H ceramic hardness and durability

  • Superior protection against chemical and UV degradation

  • Increased clarity and depth for car paint 

  • Water repellent properties

  • Last up to 2 years*



Machine Polishing

  • Brings out high-gloss shine

  • Goodbye to minor swirl marks, water marks, acid etching and buffer trails

  • Last up to 3 -6 months*

porsche with nano graphene coating close up to car door without carplate number.jpg


Nano Graphene Coating

  • Applicable for car body paint, wheels, interior leather and headlights

  • Superior gloss finish, hardness and excellent hydrophobicity

  • Last up to 2 years*

*Depending on maintenance and environmental conditions 

Enjoy the Difference with us!

For more information, please click Contact Us and drop us a message or call/whatsapp Mr. Teo @ 9677 9434.

We are more than delighted to hear from you! 

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