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Our Services

Why Ngai Hong?

Reliable and Safe
reliable and safe

We'll put our money where the mouth is when it comes to handling your car. Taking good care of it is our top priority and ensuring that it remains in that good condition that it first came, if not better.


For us, we treasure every customer that enters our premises and hence provide the best service in terms of work quality and customer service.

Fair Pricing

Equity is what we strongly believe in when it comes down to pricing. We will only dish out the most reasonable price without compromising on quality.

cheap and good

What We Offer

Spray Painting

As long as it comes to spray painting, we know it all. Providing you the best in quality and work is what we pride in. Here, we will show you what your car goes through.

spray painting
car wax and polishing
Car Insurance Accident Claim

Accidents are always such a chore! Rest assured, with our help you won't need to go through all the hassle alone! 

Car Detailing

We desire our car to stand out and show off to the rest of the world its beauty. To enhance its appearance, we polish and apply wax to give the shine and yields other benefits such as temporary protection from sun rays and the increased ease of cleaning.

Other services provided
Other services provided
Other Services

Your time is precious. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive car service for you so you do not need to keep looking. Do take a minute to browse through our services for you.

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