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Interior Cleaning

Tyre repair and replacement

Having a comfortable and enjoyable drive does not only depend on the mechanical mechanisms of the car. The state of our car interior can profoundly affect our mood, mental state and driving performance according to research by International Detailing Association (IDA)

Picture yourself stepping into your car, ready for your morning commute, only to find a clutter of leaves nestled around the driver's seat footwell. As you settle into your seat, unsettling cracking noises emanate, accompanied by clouds of dust with each footstep on the carpet. That's definitely not how I would love to start my day. 


Taking great car of your car interior requires a conscience effort and undoubtably as important as your car's exterior. We provide vehicle interior cleaning services include Vacuuming,  Cleaning and Conditioning. 

messy and cluttered car interior in a toyota.jpg
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Simple as it sounds, it is one of the most crucial steps in cleaning a car. Prolong usage of a car collects dust, loose debris and even dead pests in tight spots, underneath car seats and between crevices.



Stubborn stains and dirt are removed with deep cleaning chemical agents based on the material of your car upholstery, such as leather, vinyl, nylon, fabric and many more. These chemicals are pH balanced so that they do not strip away natural oils from the leather. After which, a wipe down of the excess moisture is done before allowing it to dry. 



For leather seats, applying a conditioner to protect and moisturise the surface may help further protect the leather from cracking spills and stains. Applying once in few months would keep the leather seats in excellent condition for years to come. 

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