Dent Removal

Panel beating (Knocking)

Ever thought about removing all your small car dents without the need of a spray painting job? Its now possible to reduce the dent marks via Dent Removal! 


Most of the small car dents cluster near the door area where some people may unknowingly hit their door against yours. Instead of knocking (panel beating) back those dents and spraying paint over, Dent Removal is a cheaper alternative and takes a relatively shorter time for repair.

Nevertheless, not all dents may be completely removed depending on the depth of the dent or double layer of metal present that hinders repair works. Do take note that only dent marks as small as the picture shown above (Click picture to enlarge) can be repaired via Dent Removal.


As these dents are hardly visible on camera photos, we do recommend that you personally come down for inspection to assess whether Dent Removal is viable.

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