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5 Tips for saving Fuel Consumption

Car fuel prices in Singapore are constantly on the rise together with our increase usage for our vehicles. Without specially modifying your engine, we provide you with essential tips on how you can save your precious fuel.

1. Check your Tyre Air Pressure Regularly

Drivers who set their air pressure to the higher end of the suggested range tend to save more fuel. Each car’s recommended range of tyre pressure differs due to its size and car model. It is therefore vital to know what your vehicle’s optimal tyre pressure range is. Be sure to watch out for over- or under-inflation as it will shorten your tyre lifespan. Especially on a hot day, tyre pressures may shoot up and we recommend you to bring it back within the pressure range.

2. Travel with a light load.

Increased load on your vehicle would increase its inertia and resulting in more power being supplied to be able to move the same distance. Keep your car boot as empty as possible, especially when you place things which aren’t needed for the day.

3. Plan your trip ahead

With a well-planned journey, you are bound to enjoy fuel savings by avoiding unnecessary traffic. Our roads in Singapore are filled with traffic junctions, so it is also wise to choose the route with the least junctions so you need not waste fuel and time while idling.

4. Accelerate smoothly

Give your accelerator a break as revving will raise your fuel consumption. It is better for your car to travel in cruising speed rather than repetitive acceleration and braking which leads to fuel wastage. Basically, the higher the rpm, the more fuel is used to power the car. Good control over your rpm would eventually see less of you at the petrol kiosk.

5. Speeding kills your fuel

Travelling at 110km/h as compared to 90km/h would result in over 20% increase in fuel consumption. As a basic guideline, you should travel around 90km/h to enjoy fuel efficiency. However, you should still follow the road speed limit set in place!



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