The Difference: Polish vs Wax

There has always been a misconception between car polishing and waxing. To the eyes of the inexperienced, both gives the same effect - its shine. However, there's quite a distinct difference between the two in terms of purpose.

Polishing can effectively remove paint defects such as swirl marks, stone chips, water spots and acid etching from bird droppings etc. This makes its surface smoother which makes it shine. However, not all paint defects can be removed by polishing if there is a deep penetration into its clearcoat. Swirl marks could also be caused by poor polishing techniques and products but can be remedied by deep polishing.

Waxing does not remove any surface defects but creates a barrier against the natural elements such as UV-rays, repel water and acid etching prevention. Typically, wax is applied to maintain and protect the paint and ease of washing. After applying wax onto your car, we advise you not to use car shampoo which can potentially remove the protective coating and render your effort and time in applying wax useless. As such, it is usually the last step in washing a car.

We will continue to elaborate on this topic, so whether it's polishing or waxing, we will be there to help you make an informed decision for your car. Stay Tuned!



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