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Battle of the Finishes: Spray Painting vs. Vinyl Wraps in Singapore

Updated: 5 days ago

Singapore's scorching weather can be unforgiving, especially for vehicles. The sun, humidity, and occasional downpours can rapidly wear down both a vehicle's interior and exterior. This is why after years of weathering the heat and humidity, your car's original paint could start to lose its shine and colour. You might then be wondering whether you should do a paint job or vinyl wrap for your car. Which option is better suited for Singapore's climate? Let's do a detailed comparison to find out!

car spray painting vs car vinyl wrap

Car Spray Painting: The Classic Choice

  • Pros: 

    • Longer lifespan (especially with high-quality paint and good maintenance can last easily >5 years to a lifetime)

    • Wide selection of car protection coatings, films to preserve paint condition and enhance aesthetics

    • Better finish and rust free

    • Improve resale value of car

    • Able to fix minor imperfections.

  • Cons: 

    • More expensive in general over $1.2k-$2k+

    • Time-consuming (takes up to 10 days for complete spray)

    • Permanent and irreversible

    • Colour may gradually start to fade under the sun, depending on colour

Car Vinyl Wraps: The Modern Challenger

  • Pros: 

    • More affordable at approx. $1k for a basic wrap colour

    • Quicker installation (takes a few days)

    • Removable (doesn't alter original paint)

    • Offers additional paint protection layer

    • Wider variety of designs and colours (like Psychedelic or Chrome!), good for advertising brands

  • Cons: 

    • Shorter lifespan (3-5 years)

    • Requires smooth surface for proper application

    • Does not have anti-rust properties

    • Bubbling up issues with vinyl wrap after prolonged exposure to hot weather or improper application techniques

    • May not hide imperfections and may leave marks on your paint depending on application.

    • Accident cars require spraying before another application of wrap, doubling cost of repairs

spray painting vs vinyl wrap

So is there a clear winner? Apparently not, but we do prefer our cars with spray painting jobs to get a natural appearance with a deep shine. Ultimately, the ideal choice hinges on your individual priorities and car ownership goals.

In Singapore's climate, both options offer extended durability when kept out of direct sunlight. However, maintaining a car's pristine condition requires ongoing care. Paint jobs benefit from regular polishing and professional anti-UV coatings, which provide additional protection for the underlying paint. Wrap finishes, on the other hand, offer limited options for enhancing their appearance beyond the initial installation. This may prove a challenge to consistently avoid the sun in Singapore.

So which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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