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Team Veliore's Sponsors in 2018 F1 Nationals in Schools Finals

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Yes you read correctly, us in F1 racing! As one of the sponsors for Team Veliore, Raffles Girls' School (Sec), we are proud to provide them with a sleek teal finishing for their F1 model race car.

Model Prototype

The specially designed model strikingly resembles an actual F1 race car, featuring its aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic design and lightweight yet durable body. Using a simple block milling process for the car body and 3D printing for the aerofoils, the assembly of the car is then complete with our teal finishing touch.

For Team Veliore, the colour teal represents "Energy", displaying their enthusiasm and vitality to win the competition as a team. With this passion and dedication we observed from the team, the decision to sponsor the team was a simple one. We are honoured to be able to support the team! :)

A shout out to support them at @teamveliore and also catch them in their epic race off too!

Team Veliore's F1 Model



*All images courtesy of Team Veliore and should not be reproduced without permission*

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